In this section, I explain why affirmations can become your best binge and emotional eating recovery allies, the three kinds of mindsets that can keep anyone battling with food feeling stuck and hopeless, how not to use affirmations and the common mistakes people make when using affirmations, what to expect from this program and how to use it effectively.

This introduction is a coaching experience by itself. It will help you notice negative habits that may have blocked your recovery process leaving you feeling you exhausted, stressed ou,t and desperate. 

It's an essential building block to help you greatly benefit from and capture the value and importance of what's coming next.


How to Use This Program
2 mins
Why I Have Created This Method, How It Will Benefit You & Why It’s Important!
20 mins
What to Expect From this Program and Method
3 mins
How You May Unknowingly Keep Yourself Stuck In Compulsive Eating Patterns & Self-Sabotage
25 mins
The Problem With The Way People Most Commonly Use Affirmations
6 mins
What This Program Covers and How It Will Benefit You.
3 mins