The Food Peacemaker

Hi, I'm Laura Houssain. I help women stop emotional and binge eating, find peace with food and feel fabulous in their skin without counting calories or measuring their self-worth on a scale. 

The Ultimate Food Peace Affirmation Method:

Can't help binge eating? Tired of eating emotionally? Confused on how to stop? Want to stop feeling constantly pulled in opposite directions? Feeling like you constantly self-sabotaging. If so, here's how you can make finding peace 2X easier in just 21 days! This ultimate food peace affirmation method will help you find the most effective, compulsion-destroying affirmations and use them so effectively that you'll experience your first moments of complete clarity and alignment with your food peace goal. It quiets your inner bartering and food fights and helps you stop getting in your own way. Soon, finding peace with food seems achievable and you enjoy every progress you make with excitement and delight. After following this course, you will know exactly how to do affirmations the right way, which ones are the right for you so that you 10X their effectiveness, and feel more confident, relaxed, positive and in control in just a few seconds a day. Too many people use affirmations with no results or give them up entirely because they don't know how to make them work. Don't let this be the case for you. Enroll in this mini-course today.
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